We customize each and every digital campaign to match your specific business needs and vision.

Once you set up your free consultation we will visit you at your business at a time that best fits your hectic schedule. We will have a general conversation about the basics of your business and where or how you want to see your business grow.

After discussing the various types of digital marketing tools available, Halpin Digital will make recommendations on what you should do and how best to accomplish these tasks and goals. When the consultation is complete, we will send you everything in writing so you have it as a record. As experts in digital marketing we will explain to you how best to accomplish these directives. You can decide if you want to do this on your own or partner up with Halpin Digital.


  • Maximize your revenue
  • Help locate new customers
  • Retarget existing customers
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Build your brand loyalty
  • Expand your current reach
  • Leverage analytics
  • Save you time and money

Website Design and Development

Quality websites are built through the perfect combination of design and development.  Design focuses on aesthetics such as appealing layouts and visual elements. Development focuses on how the website works and ease of navigation. A beautifully designed website will offer little benefit if it is poorly developed and fails to provide a good user experience. We expertly combine web design and development to create a positive user experience and encourage engagement.  

Search Engine Optimization

When searching the web for something specific, people rarely look past the first page of search results. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing your website’s visibility on various search engines. This is done through the use of targeted keywords and properly utilizing analytics. Our goal is to get your website to rank on first page as often as possible. This will increase traffic to your website and provide the opportunity to convert that traffic into customers.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media is equally important as well-built website. The two go hand-in-hand when establishing your online presence. People search and shop online everyday so it only makes sense that businesses promote their products and services there. A successful social media marketing campaign begins with identifying your target audience and the social media platforms they use most frequently. Our social media marketing includes campaign development and implementation, creating engagement, tracking and developing a company’s voice.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is a way of reaching those who have expressed interest in your business in a more unique, personalized way. Whether it is used to send special offers, industry news, or solicit sales, email marketing creates a personal connection with your customers, building trust and brand loyalty. Utilizing your current customer database, email marketing can enhance the relationship of a business with its current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business. Businesses may also extend their customer base through the use of paid email lists to gain new customers. Our email marketing services can determine and implement the perfect email marketing campaign for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The ultimate goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers. Conversion rate optimization or CRO is an approach to marketing that focuses on tracking and testing to evaluate which aspects of your website are working well and what areas require improvement. All areas of your website, from design and development to content and calls to action (CTA’s) have an impact on conversion. We can evaluate your website’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy to increase your conversion rate.

Content Strategy and Creation

Much like website design and development, content strategy and creation are two separate processes that combine to create informative and engaging content for your website. The content strategy is determining the purpose of your content and the vision for achieving that purpose. Content marketing focuses on the execution of that strategy, the actual creation, curation, and editing of content. This includes website copy, blogs and even the confirmation page. Content strategy and creation is vital to your digital marketing and we can ensure that your content will achieve the desired results.

Pay Per Click Ads

The paid advertising of digital marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) ads are placed on another website. The advertiser pays the website owner each time a visitor clicks on the ad. Advertisers can pay fixed prices for PPC ads or, when the ads involve highly searched keywords, advertisers may bid for the PPC ad space. Essentially, PPC ads are a way of buying website visits as opposed to gaining organic traffic. It can be a great option if you need to increase website traffic quickly. We can evaluate your needs and help you decide if PPC ads are right for your business.

Mobile Engagements

A website that is responsive on all device is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. More and more searches are taking place on smartphones and other mobile devices. Your website needs to look and perform the same regardless of which type of device it is being viewed on. If it is impossible or even just difficult to navigate on a mobile device, visitors will leave your site for a competitor’s site that is mobile friendly. We will ensure that your site is appealing and easy to navigate across all devices.

Brand Identity and Graphic Design

Brand identity is everything that makes up your brand: the name, communication and visual appearance. Simply put, your customers should be able to recognize your brand without spelling it out for them. Your colors, your logo and your message or tagline should be consistent and easily recognizable. Brand identity is fundamental to consumer recognition and helps it to stand out among its competitors. Through consistent creative copy that has your voice and graphic design, we can build your brand identity or fine tune your existing one.

Online Reputation Management

Once you have established your online presence and engaged with your followers on social media, people will be talking about your business. There are so many opportunities for online customer reviews and it only takes one negative review to seriously damage your business’s reputation. It’s important to handle these quickly and in a positive manner. However, keeping tabs on all your reviews can be overwhelming. We can monitor your reviews and any social media buzz as well as develop a strategy to ensure your business is being viewed in a positive light.



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